Decide if the statement is true or false.

Donald can cook pancakes.

  • False

  • True

Видимо, ты торопился.
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Read the text and think about your working day.

Donald Asher is the CEO of the biggest hotel chain in Australia. Today he is taking part in our TV show Changing places. The main idea is very simple: take the CEO of the company and put him or her in the position of one of the company’s low-end workers.

So we can see Donald, who is cooking and cleaning the rooms, and our supervisor is monitoring his performance noticing any mistakes. Yes, Donald has some triumphs. In the kitchen, he successfully cooks pancakes, and as a housekeeper, he makes the beds correctly. Unfortunately, he fails to clean the rooms to the company’s standards. And he cannot remember where the clean towels are.

Andrew Browning, a successful steak bar owner has a reputation of a strict and demanding manager. Today, he is serving the tables as a waiter. He forgets to ask if the customers want rare, medium, or well-done steaks, he mixes up the orders and it’s not a surprise, he is serving five tables at the same time. Oh, wait. Where is his tie? Is it in the soup?

Now, Donald and Andrew, are you thinking of making any changes to your employees’ work? "Definitely, we are redesigning the staff uniform," says Mr Browning. "It was a shock for me, now we are making big changes in our hotels," says Donald. "And I would like all hotel managers to go through a similar process."