Choose the name of the person mentioned in the article who works with modern technologies.

  • Mary

  • Joys

  • Marina

  • Susan

  • Steve

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Read the text and compare with your ideas.

What makes a job a happy one? Could it be a high salary or creativity at work? Our analysts carried out a survey to discover the happiest jobs and interviewed some people from their professional areas.

Engineer. Typical salary: £42,000. “I get a lot of freedom to test my ideas, have access to up-to-date technology and I’m learning new skills", says Steve Adams, an engineer for a car manufacturer. "I work in an area that is close to my hobby, so my work doesn’t really feel like work. Every day brings a new challenge."
Teacher. Typical salary: £32,000. “I like watching children make progress”, says Marina Greenwood, a teacher at Blueberry School. Besides, she says, working with children makes you feel young: “There are many funny moments in our lessons, and I love the creativity of the job. Making a difference to a child is really rewarding."
Nurse. Typical salary: £28,000. “When you feel you have helped the patient, it is great,” says Joys Ashton, a part-time nurse at the Cancer Centre in the north of England. “I meet some interesting people every day, and they are real fighters. They inspire me a lot. From a professional perspective, you constantly learn about new methods of treatment from the best doctors, which will help me when I graduate from my Medical School.”
Gardener. Typical salary: £17,000. “Gardening is so relaxing, you work outdoors and watch nature and the changing seasons,” says Susan Ashley, a gardener for the Spring Garden near York. “The change is what I love. Every day is different and the scenery is spectacular, it is never dull. And I have enough free time in winter.”
Secretary. Typical salary: £22,000. “Being a secretary to the CEO, I can see all aspects of the company’s life, which means I can see the big picture. For example, now I’m preparing the slides for our annual meeting presentation and collecting yearly results from all the departments,” says Mary Dorn. “Every day is different, and you have to be organised and know how to prioritise the tasks. It’s a very satisfying job.”