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Read the letter and fill in the missing phrases.

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Dear Tony,

Thank you for
the corporate party! I will definitely come and have a pleasure to see you all in person.
So, you were asking about
in Russia. I think, the first point to decide is what type of legal entity you would like to establish.
The most commonly used types of legal entities in Russia are LLCs (OOO in Russian) and joint stock companies. Other corporate forms, such as LLPs, are theoretically available for foreign investors but they
. The registration procedure for a LLC is rather simple. You have to remember that the
is currently RUB 10,000. The maximum number of members in a LLC is 50.
Joint stock companies (JSC, or AO in Russian) generally fall into two categories: closed (ЗAO in Russian) and open (OAO in Russian). The difference is that in an open JSC shares may
, while in a closed JSC shareholders have preemptive rights to buy the JSC shares. The minimum capital requirement for incorporation is currently RUB 10,000 for a closed JSC and RUB 100,000 for an open JSC. The maximum
cannot exceed 50 for a closed JSC but is unlimited for an open JSC.
Foreign investors should
a very formal and time-consuming process of a legal entity registration with several state authorities.
I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, don’t

Kind regards,


Видимо, ты торопился.