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Read the text and fill in the gaps. If more than one term is possible, choose one.

board / areas / presidents / key / book / vice / stockholders / directors / rule / shareholders / of / chairperson

Creation of a corporation begins when its organisers, called the incorporators, obtain a charter from the state. The charter includes the authorisation for the corporation to issue a certain number of shares, which represent the ownership in the corporation. The incorporators pay fees, sign the charter, and file the required documents with the state. The incorporators agree to a set of bylaws, which act as the constitution for managing the corporation. Bylaws are the

that guides the corporation.
The control of the corporation rests with the
, who normally receive one vote for each share they own. The stockholders elect the members of the

, which sets policy for the corporation and appoints the officers. The board elects a
, who usually is the most powerful person in the corporation. The board also appoints the president, who manages day-to-day operations. Most corporations also have
in charge of sales, operations, accounting and finance, and other


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