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What Is the difference between a partnership and sole proprietorship?

Two or more физические лица must participate in the ownership of a partnership. Индивидуальные предприятия are businesses that are owned and operated by a single business owner. Partnerships and sole proprietorships are relatively easy to form but собственники have to remember that proprietorships are not separate entities from the owners of the business.
The owner of a sole proprietorship has complete control over the company активы and operations. Sole proprietors are not required to consult with anyone when it comes to making business decisions. All партнеры of a partnership have input regarding how the company's assets are used and other important business decisions.
Sole proprietors and partners of a partnership business have unlimited ответственность. This means that a partner or a sole proprietor may be required to sell personal assets to meet the company's business obligations. In a partnership business, a partner may be ответственен for another partners business behaviour. In this scenario, a partner runs the risk of losing his personal assets, including his home, because of another partner's careless action.
Sole proprietorships may have difficulty raising капитал because ownership interest in the business cannot be offered to potential investors. Sole proprietors will finance the company with their personal funds or займы. Partnerships can attract investors by offering ownership interest in the business.
Sole proprietorships end automatically if the business owner decides to sell the business or if the sole proprietor dies. Partnerships may automatically dissolve if a partner dies or decides to выйти из the business. However, a partnership may continue to exist if the partnership agreement contains procedures for continuing the business.

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