Таблица устойчивых словосочетаний


reasonforThe reason for his boss's visit had obviously slipped her mind.причина для чего-либо
(keep) a recordofKeep a record of everything you eat.(вести) учёт/регистрацию
reductioninThe reduction in their grant was very sudden.уменьшение; снижение, сокращение
(in/with) referenceat/toThe author made no reference to previous research on this subject.применительно к;
по отношению к;

(but: a relationship with sb)
Psychologists believe that relationship between mother and her child is the most important.отношения между
replytoHe had no reply to his teacher's question.ответ на
reportonManagers loved Steven because he always gave a detailed report on any project.доклад /отчет о чем-то
reputationfor /ofJack had the reputation of being a heavy drinker.репутация
respectforShe felt respect for her competitors.уважение к
responsibilitysb from doing sthThe responsibility for washing dishes lies on the slowest eater.ответственность за
riseinThe rise in prices always comes before New Year’s holidays.повышение


readyforAre you ready for the exam?готовый к
relatedtoEmployee’s education is related to his income.относящийся к;
связанный с
relevanttoHow is the new topic relevant to what we discussed yesterday?относящийся к
responsibleforThe government is responsible for snow removal.ответственный за что-либо
rudetoWhy are you so rude to your dad?грубить кому-то;
оскорблять кого-то


reasonwithI tried to reason with her.урезонивать кого-л
recoverfromHe was recovering from the operation for 2 months.выздоравливать;
refrainfromPlease refrain from smoking in my house.воздерживаться;
relyonEverybody should have a person they can rely on.положиться на
remindsb of/aboutCan you remind me about that tomorrow?напомнить кому-то о чем-то
removefromWhat's the best way to remove stains from a carpet?удалять из/с
replacesth with
sth else
You can replace cakes with fruit.заменить что-то чем-то
replytoThe company hasn't replied to her complaint.отвечать на
reportonDoctors will report on common health problems.отчитываться о
respondtoIf pupils don’t respond to light, it’s very bad.реагировать на;
отзываться на
(= be the consequence of)
fromIf nothing results from your efforts, probably you’re doing something wrong.вытекать;
происходить в результате;
быть следствием
result (= cause)inSleep deprivations can result in a bunch of different mental disorders.вызывать; приводить к результату
retirefromMary’s aunt retired from the company.уходить;
уходить в отставку,
выходить на пенсию

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