Таблица устойчивых словосочетаний


decreaseinSharp decrease in demand for wooden toys almost ruined his enterprise.падение, снижение
delayinThis delay in delivery gets on my nerves.задержка
demandforThere is no demand for sledges during the summer.спрос
departurefromOur departure from Moscow was spoilt with heavy rain.отъезд из
descriptionofShe gave me a detailed description of her friend, so I recognized him at once.описание
(have) differencebetween/ofThere’s no difference between him and his twin brother.разница между, разница в чем-то
difficultyin/withWe had no difficulty with this problem.сложность в/с
discussionabout/on (n)They were involved in heartily discussion on love between parents and children.обсуждение


deartoThese memories are very dear to me.дорогой кому-то
delightedwithChildren are often delighted with circus performances.восхищенный чем-то
differentfromMilan is completely different from Rome.отличный, отличающийся от
disappointedwith/aboutOur breakup left me disappointed with my ex.разочарованный в
dissatisfiedwithI was totally dissatisfied with the course.недовольный
dressedinDressed in glossy leather, she looked weird.наряженный, одетый в


dateback to/fromThis vase dates back to Ming Dynasty.восходить к, датироваться, относиться к
dealwithI am not accustomed to dealing with such people.иметь дело с
decideon/againstLet’s decide on where to go tomorrow.решать за/против
dedicatetoThis exhibition is dedicated to Marc Chagall and his contemporaries.посвятить кому-то (чему-то)
delightinI delight in Ravel’s music.наслаждаться чем-то
demandfromCampaigners demand clear answers from the government.требовать от кого-то
departfromWe departed from JFK an hour ago.уезжать из
dependon/uponIt depends on what you want.зависеть от
describesb/sth to sb elseMy younger brother often described his teachers to me in such a manner I couldn’t stop laughing.описывать что-то (кого-то) кому-то
diein an accident

Spies often die in car accidents.

In the Middle Ages, lots of people died of/from plague, or Black Death, as it was called in those days.
умереть в результате аварии

умирать от
differfromMy cats differ from one another: some are friendly and mild, other are wild and enigmatic.отличаться от
disapproveofOur headteacher disapproved of some innovations of our coach, which was really good for us.осуждать, порицать
discouragefromAdults often discourage kids from the things they used to enjoy in their own childhood.отговорить от
dismissfromShe was dismissed from her office for absenteeism.увольнять
distinguishbetweenThe colorblind can’t distinguish between red and green.различать
do wellin an examShe did surprisingly well in her math exam because of her efforts.успешно сдавать экзамен

I’m dreaming about a new Iphone.

I’m dreaming of opening the box and touching its screen.
мечтать о


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