Andy & Hope
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translation missed: 'undefined'

Энди и Хоуп заблудились.
Они хотят попросить помощи.
Заполните пропуски данными словами.

do / where / don’t / help / can / know / can't

— Excuse me.
you know where is the “Cupcake” café?
— “Cupcake”? No, sorry.

— Excuse us.
is the “Cupcake” café?
— I’m sorry. I don’t know.

— Can you
you know the “Cupcake” café?

you use a map?

— Excuse me, sir. Where is the “Cupcake” café?
— It’s near the museum.

you tell us how to get there?
— Of course. Do you
the museum on Red street?
— No.
— All right. You…

Видимо, ты торопился.