Andy & Hope
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Хоуп и Энди заблудились.
Они между школой и желтым автобусом.
Заполните пропуски и помогите им добраться до желтого многоэтажного дома.

— Excuse me?
— Yes?
— Can you tell us
the church is?
— Yes, of course. Go straight until you see it.
— Thank you.

— I think we’re lost again. I don’t see any churches.
— Yes. There is only a hotel.
— Can you
us where the church is?
— Oh, go back to that hotel, then turn
and at the end of the street turn
. You will see it.
— Thank you.

— Oh! I see it, but where is your friend’s house?
— She said it’s
the hospital and
— I see it!
— Oh no! We forgot the present!
— Let’s buy a new one. We need a shop.
— Excuse me, where is the nearest shop?
— It’s
“DELICATESSEN”. You need to turn. It’s a big red building.
— Thank you for your help!

Жаль, но ответ не подходит.